Jennie and Ian Peyton

Maximize independence and personal self-fulfillment of those we support.

About Us


Personalized Independence Inc. was established in 2012 as a 24-Hour Residential program for adults experiencing intellectual and/or developmental delays in Benton County with homes in Corvallis.


Prior to beginning the company,founders Ian and Jennie Peyton worked in the field for over ten years each gaining experience through providing positive supports to many individuals with a variety of needs while gaining a personal passion for furthering work in the field.


Since its creation, Personalized Independence Inc. has grown to consist of three separate residential homes licensed through the State of Oregon to support three individuals in each home.


We strive to provide individual supports that promote the personal goals of those we support while creating a positive work environment for our employees. We believe everyone is most successful and able to thrive when they reside and work in a positive, supportive environment built on teamwork, respect and understanding.